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Safety Features


The hotel is located on the hilltop in the heart of Putrajaya City and just 30 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.



PULSE GRANDE Hotel would like to assure every guest of our commitment to their personal safety and security.



The PULSE GRANDE Hotel Putrajaya is equipped with a comprehensive Fire & Life safety system which includes the Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm system, Fire Protection and suppression System together with Emergency Response Procedures.

The Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm system consists of addressable smoke detectors and monitoring devices installed in guestrooms and throughout the hotel that are connected to the main fire alarm panel in the Fire Command Centre. Staff in the Fire Command Centre will respond immediately to the activation of any device. The Fire Protection system includes automatic sprinklers together with fire hydrants and hose reels installed throughout the Hotel. These systems are approved by the Fire Department and regularly tested by a full time Fire & Life Safety officer. The Hotel also regularly conducts Emergency drills to ensure preparedness.

The PULSE GRANDE Hotel has an established, comprehensive Emergency Response Plan which includes the Emergency Response Team (ERT) and emergency management procedures. The ERT also has all necessary equipment such as SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) to assist them dealing with Fires more effectively. The ERT is on standby 24 hours daily led by the Duty Manager and supported by the hotel’s Security and Engineering staff. All ERT members are fully trained in fire-fighting procedures, first aid and incident handling. In addition The PULSE GRANDE Hotel Fire alarm and detection system is linked with the nearest BOMBA (Fire Brigade station) enabling BOMBA to monitor any such eventualities and generate a swift response. Fire Drills are conducted frequently to an approved program. In addition, a full evacuation drills are conducted regularly with the participation of all hotel staff under the supervision of BOMBA (the Fire Brigade).



The Hotel premises are monitored round the clock by our security team .The security team is backed by a manned security control room which has 24 hour CCTV coverage of the hotel. The security team works closely with the local Law enforcement agencies .The Hotel premises are regularly covered by the Putrajaya Police Headquarters on their vehicle patrols.
All security personnel are trained operate on a standard set of response options covering a wide range of critical and emergency situations.



The hotel has sufficient water storage for 3 days based on the consumption of 1 m3 per room per day. The hotel obtains its water supply from the city’s water plant that maintains highest levels of water quality.



The PULSE GRANDE Hotel maintains the highest levels of Food safety following the strict principles and guidelines for food hygiene and sanitation .The Hotel has been HACCP Certified that reflects Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. The HACCP certification is the most widely accepted international certification among the food industry. All steps in the food operation are addressed from the supply chain and selection of ingredients, cooking and preparation through to the serving of the food to our guests. The Hotel utilizes the services of a full time Food Hygienist on our Team to ensure food safety hygiene standards are monitored and kept up to date, and the Hotel is audited regularly by third party HACCP Auditors to verify implementation and compliance.



Electricity supply within the hotel is available 24 hours and supplied at 240 Volts 60 Hertz in the guestrooms. In the unlikely event of disruption to the electricity supply, the hotel’s emergency generator will automatically operate, to ensure that all fire & life safety and essential equipment will continue to operate.
The hotel’s generator set capacity is 750 kVA which is able to provide emergency electrical power up to 12 hours in a most unlikely event of power failure for emergency lighting, fire safety and security alarm systems.



Fully trained lifeguards are on duty at all times during swimming pool opening hours.